Highest Level offers a Homeschool online educational option at the 1st-12th grade level, allowing a student athlete to work from anywhere at any time. All high school core classes are NCAA accredited. Students will  receive physical materials in addition to online content as needed. For middle school students, the Online Program offers engaging curriculum with honors and AP level classes including numerous technology and world language options. Unique to our Academy is an opportunity for sport specific, individualized athletic training. Online courses all feature credentialed teachers that provide academic support, instructional lessons, and monthly social opportunities, Students must also take state standardized tests. As an independent homeschool program, Highest Level will partner with you to make this journey successful.

Each student and family have different educational needs. Highest Level is here to help you determine the program that best meets the needs of your student. Through our guidance in selecting courses and materials, together we will ensure that your student meets the criteria to maintain a thriving and academic educational experience. 

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